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Organic Active Manuka Honey Mead (1x375ml)

A global-spanning phenomenon created by fermenting honey with water, mead is one of humanity’s earliest-recorded alcoholic concoctions. It’s probably what kept hordes like the Vikings on the road (or in their case, in the boat). Coromandel residents Paul and Angela Moresby operate NZ’s only organic beekeeping business producing certified organic active Manuka honey. That same honey goes into their Sting mead. Yep. Got to be good for you. Let’s be clear. Our Executive Director, Jak Jakicevich, loves this tipple to the point of obsession, to the extent that he went and purchased everything the Moresbys had. To circumvent Jak drinking our entire stock of honey mead on his own, it’d be really helpful if some of you out there could purchase a bit of it too.

Region / Country: New Zealand
Varietal: Mead
Volume: 375ml
Alcohol: 14.0%
$ 49.99