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You should see the drinks they make from this in the US: Dreamsickle, Tuaca Colada, Tuscan Mule... not only is it about the hippest new liqueur around, it’s also way adaptable, ensuring you can mix it on up with a whole bunch of things and make something new and exciting for a palate jaded by Cosmopolitans. Thoroughly modern, Tuaca goes back a ways, too; to the Renaissance, in fact, when Italy went into artistic overdrive. Apparently Lorenzo the Magnificent (no ego there, obviously) had this citrus and vanilla delight concocted for him; a few hundred years later, GI Joes and Janes hanging in Italy got a taste for it, brought it back to the US: kaboom! Frenzy. Grab yourself some, and taste what all the fuss is about.

Region / Country: Italy
Varietal: Liqueurs
Volume: 700ml
Alcohol: 24.0%
$ 40.99