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Jancis Robinson

Wine Glass (1x)

‘Why do we need 10 different glasses for our 10 different wines?’ we hear you ask. That’s a very good question. Esteemed British wine critic Jancis Robinson has been peering, sniffing, tasting and spitting for quite some time, and when she says, ‘You don’t,’ we listen. After much careful and meticulous work by London designer Richard Brendon, who has employed some of the finest master glass blowers in Europe, they have come up with One Glass to Rule Them All (with the possible exception of vintage champagne, which is apparently on the run with The Precious). It is specifically designed to offer the optimum tasting experience for every wine, regardless of style or strength. When you consider what you might spend on a multitude of high-quality glassware styles, this is actually a pretty fabulous option.

Region / Country: United Kingdom
Varietal: Glassware
Volume: 1ml
$ 85.00