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Vodka (1x750ml)

With the product fronted by no one less than Puff Diddy (does anyone else find that name even slightly ridiculous?), this is a serious brand being orbited into a pretty rare kind of atmosphere. Slinky, sexy stuff this; and before you think it’s just more flim-flam and Judas, this is decidedly different. The spirit is distilled (five times) from white grapes from the Cognac and Gaillac regions of France, and it’s cold macerated at that, ensuring aromatics unknown to vodka-ites are delivered, along with a very clean, pure flavour. While Diddy has endorsed it since 2006, the promo material features in a Kanye West track, while the vodka itself is well prominent in high rotate vids from Rick Ross and Usher. So hip it hurts? As the man from Dilmah (who, bless him, is so unhip it hurts) says, ‘do try it’.

Region / Country: France
Varietal: Vodka
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 40.0%
$ 107.99